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Welcome to Conquest

Welcome to Conquest home page.

Conquest is a strict 10 man guild on the US server Garona. We are a tight knit group that seeks to progress to end game content in each and every raid tier.

About us:
Conquest (previously known as Company of the Wolf) came together as a strict 10 man during Wrath of the Lich King. After settling into a solid 10 man roster, Conquest progressed to 11/12 Heroic in Icecrown Citadel, moving us to a top spot amongst the 10 man guilds on Garona. Moving into Cataclysm, Conquest returns 8 of 10 raiding members, including all tanks and healers (not to mention a pretty sexy mage). The last two spots have currently been filled by friends of the guild seeking a more serious raiding experience, and we welcome them to the guild!

Loot Rules:
Since everyone is always concerned with loot and getting those purple pixels, here is how we do it.
1) Boss dies.
2) Item is linked.
3) Toss dem dice babay! (Open rolls)
**Since we are such a close guild, you will usually see that the item will go to the person it is most suited to regardless of rolls. Only in a situation where it is truly a 'tie' for who needs the item most will the rolls decide who wins the item.

Although we currently have 10 raiding members, it is well known (especially to this guy =D) that real life does come first and absences are sometimes necessary. Every good 10 man guild knows that you should carry at least 12-13 raiding members, and that being said we have opened our doors to new members looking to help us progress. A current listing of our openings is posted on the home page. Please take a look at these openings, and if you feel you are a good fit for our team after reading about us, please apply. Even if your class is not listed as open, we encourage you to step forward and challenge someone for a spot!

**Please visit our forums page to access our application form. If you have any questions, please create a character on Garona and speak with Aerick, Silverflamez, or Bigeasypcf. If none of these players are available, please ask any of our members about us, and they can most likely direct you to one of these players (possibly on an alt). You will be hard pressed to find a time that one of us isn't online!**

Our Expectations:
1) Come with the expectation that we will succeed. As a guild, we have been successful due to our hard work and preparation. But every raider knows that success doesn't come easy. Come ready to work. No boss dies on the first attempt. If it did, I doubt any of us would still be playing! We will wipe. Sometimes in a rather gruesome manner. But in the end, it will be the boss bleeding on the ground!!!

2) Attendance. Conquest doesn't recruit raiders that show up 50% of the time. Be on time, and be prepared to raid. If you are unable to attend, be sure to decline the invitation on the site and cite a reason. Nobody is recruited as a backup. If you are invited to join us, you will see time in raids, but understand that as a new recruit there will be older members that will have priority for loot.

3) Have Fun. This is the biggest one. Most of us have been together for past few years and as such, we know how to enjoy playing together. We joke, we mess around, but most of all we enjoy the game. If you find yourself constantly complaining over loot or other aspects of the game that are out of your control, then Conquest is not the place for you.

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New Website!

Magiconeqt, Feb 7, 11 3:49 AM.
Welcome to the new website guys and gals! This is what happens when I drink pop for the first time in months! Hopefully everyone likes it and please feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like me to add in order to make the site better!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Magiconeqt, Feb 7, 11 2:57 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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